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Jual Total Station Hi Target HTS 720 di Makassar | Baru 2023

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Total Station
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Total Station Hi Target HTS 720 Android

Smart Android Total Station
HTS-720 features a 5.5-inch touch high-definition large screen, powered by the Android operating system and our brand-new Android measurement software. With the addition of a built-in camera, measuring and stakeout tasks have never been easier. Plus, the HTS-720 boasts a high-performance processor, enabling users to select stakeout points and lines with just one click in CAD stakeout interface, making the entire stakeout process more intuitive and efficient.

5.5-inch Display, Endless Versatility

The HD screen delivers a true color display, great for viewing and fulfilling tasks. Adaptive brightness adjustment and half-sided screen operation setting for versatile workflow in any light conditions and single task.

8MP Camera, Visual Guidance
HTS-720 features an HD camera with an 8MP sensor, perfect for recording points in images and performing visual stakeout accurately. With support for image surveys, both experienced and young talents can locate the points easily through real-time visual guidance on the screen.

Android T-Survey Software Makes Quick Work

Quick settings without switching back and forth between pages. Fast, simple, and convenient operation. Comprehensive functions specifically designed for different measurement scenarios. Supporting updating to the latest version online.

CAD Stakeout, Select Points With Ease
High-performance processor chip supports importing large CAD drawings. The powerful CAD stakeout function makes selecting stakeout points and lines in one click possible, and makes stakeout more intuitive.

Product Parameters
Reflectorless 1000m 3+2 PPM
Prism Mode 6000m 2+2 PPM
Range and Accuracy
Android Operating System
Operating System
2” Angle Accuracy
Working Range: ±6′
Accuracy: 1″
Integrated Compensator System
Work Temperature